1.2. Mid-360

1.2.1. Communication Protocol

1.2.2. Supported Time Synchronization Methods

Livox Mid-360 supports 3 time synchronization methods:

PTP:IEEE 1588v2.0 UDP/IP Network protocol synchronization, see details: PTP Time Synchronization

gPTP: Automotive ethernet time synchronization protocol(2 layer), see details: gPTP Time Synchronization;

GPS: Second pulse + GPRMC time data to form GPS time synchronization mode, see details: GPS Time Synchronization


  • The time limit for GPS time synchronization is from 1/1/2000 to 31/12/2037

  • PTP time synchronization does not support IEEE1588v2.1

  • Not recommended for use in scenarios where IEEE1588v2.0 and gPTP coexist;

1.2.3. HMS Diagnostic Code Introduction